Canada Sangat 2002

B Singh – 2002

Dreams. What are dreams; a flash of our subconscious mind, a glimpse into the past / future or a window into a world our eyes cannot see? No one knows for sure and yet every one of us experiences these.

I personally have always believed that dreams show the side of our lives that we cannot physically see, what is hidden from us. This opinion is an obvious result of my upbringing and I am eternally thankful to Akalpurakh for the fact that I was born in a family which has helped me to remain very close to him. This has always brought me great comfort and hope because I know that no matter what I do or where I go, Akalpurakh is with me all the time. However, not a million lifetimes of expressing my thanks to him would equal the gift he has given me. A gift which is incomparable to anything in this world and that is the privilege to meet Puran Brahmgyani Baba Ji, a form of Akalpurakh himself.
Words cannot express my gratitude, nor can they describe the joy I feel in his presence. It was my isfortune that I doubted him in the beginning, but these doubts were wiped clear as Akalpurakh showed me Baba Ji’s true form. After attending several sangats with him, I felt my bond with Akalpurakh increasing and the sorrows of life seemed to decrease.

With the blessing of Akalpurakh, one night when I was very sick I had a dream in which I was given the privilege to attend the sangat of Shri Amar Das Ji. I was amazed to see the resemblance between this sangat and the one I attend at Baba Ji’s house. The same number of people and a similar set-up. The only exception was that instead of Baba Ji, Shri Amar Das Ji was performing the Katha.

I went to Shri Amar Das Ji and to my surprise he called me by my name and told me that everything would be alright. After the sangat was completed, I went to Shri Amar Das Ji again, but this time he was standing, and he embraced me in his arms. I cannot even begin to explain the warmth and comfort I felt and the amount of Amrit that surrounded me. And this is where my doubts vanished as in my dream Sachepatshah, Shri Amar Das Ji became Baba Ji. I had read about his many times in Shri Sukhmani Sahib Ji, “Bram Giani ka sakal akar, Bram-Giani aape Nirankar” and now I was given the opportunity to actually see it.

I knew this was a sign by Akalpurakh and this dream was his message telling me that Baba Ji is a Puran Brahmgyani and is equal to the ten Gurus as it is written in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Usually I forget my dreams, but I remember this was to the exact detail as it has become imprinted in my mind. After that night, to my surprise, my fewer was gone and I felt better again. I did not need any more convincing to realize who Baba Ji was because I knew that he was a form of Akalpurakh himself.

From him I have learnt, and continue to learn how to live a life according to Akalpurakh. A life without anger, lust, greed, false love, ego, wishes and one that acknowledges all events in life to be in Akalpurakh’s will. I can say without hesitation that this has brought tremendous happiness and lifted many of my worries and fears. Complications as well as family feuds have decreased and life has become more peaceful and I have Puran Brahmgyani, Baba Ji to thank.

Not only have I seen these visions of Akalpurakh, but other members of my family, my mother and father have also seen such rare sights as the eye of Akalpurakh and the rivers of Amrit.

I have only one request to Akalpurakh and that is to keep me in the feet of Baba Ji for as long as I live and I plea before everyone to attend his sangat to complete themselves and follow the path to become jewan-mukat, the ultimate goal of life.


K Kaur -2002

I met Baba jee about one and a half year ago. I was convinced by a family member to go meet this Great Atma (Guru-jee). When we went to see him, his darshan brought so much vairaag (tears in His memory). I had this feeling that this is not an ordinary soul. He is someone great, but I could not come to grips with feeling as to what. I asked Baba-jee please bless me with ‘Naam-Daan’, not understanding the concept of bhagti, seva or ‘Naam-Daan’.

I am an ordinary kiram (worm) on this earth, asking for such a great data from such a great atma (soul). Just foolish not having any gyan (knowledge), was always the feeling anytime I want to be close to the Almighty. I used to go to Gurdwara once in a while. My husband & I used to come back and discuss between ourselves that sometimes the whole outfit used to seem like rituals and a pakhand.

Anyways, after I asked Baba-jee for Naam-Daan, he explained to me that Naam is not given so freely. I should go home and recite ‘Sukhmani Sahib’ for 3-4 months. From that day on my husband & I used to recite ‘Sukhmani Sahib’and try understanding it. With Guru-jee’s kirpa I started understanding ‘Sukhmani Sahib’. One day we asked Guru-jee to come to our house. Guru-jee is so kind, him & Mata-jee drove all the way.  When he came it is really hard to put in words how I felt, but I will give it a try. My heart was elated. I felt it was Parbrahm Himself who has entered our house, and chotte mata-jee was with him. I just can not describe the feeling but will only say ‘meri sudh budh visar gayee’. I just wanted to sit by his feet and him to shower me with his love. The love I felt for him is indescribable.

After a couple of weeks Baba-jee was going to USA. T ji suggested to go along with the sangat. We went to the Sangat in USA. Baba ji showered his blessings on us that day and gave us Naam-Daan. There again the feeling was out of this world. That day I realized how much koorh I had been doing. I begged Baba-jee to forgive us and take us under his wings. From that day on this kiram has not looked back. I am on a new path. All I want to do is to do ‘Satnaam’ jaap. I get so much raas (enjoyment)  when I sit and do ‘Satnaam’ jaap. Baba-jee’s presence is always around us. I have no desires for worldly things (going to movies, parties, listening to songs ..). All I wish to hear is ‘Satnaam’ jaap day and night. Baba-jee’s sangat has totally turned us around. When Baba-jee came to our house and left, the Amrit was everywhere. Wherever I sat down I would start reciting ‘Satnaam’ jaap. Everybody I came across found it strange and said I had been hypnotized by Baba-jee. Little did they know that this mahan atma had changed my life. He had shown me the “light”. Everybody and everything seemed so beautiful and it got me in tune with His nature. I used to get so involved in family politics, would do nindya-chugli with friends. After Baba-jee’s sangat all I want to do is talk about God and Baba-jee, recite His name and nothing else. This would seem like a circus and so temporary. I would not say that I have achieved it all, but in such a short time I do see big changes in my life.

My Husband’s Experience:

At first I used to go into the room lock myself in and do Naam-jaap. My husband could not understand this. He was so baffled and would say to me what is this. I would beg him to leave me alone. When I went to work, I would go to park & cry, and remember Baba-jee. I used to weep like a child in his yaad. People would say you look so lost, are you going to be okey. My husband slowly started understanding what was going on and he started to go to Baba-jee’s sangat. Baba-jee did great kirpa on him. Now he goes to sangat as much as I did. We are totally involved and love sangat. It is our only purpose anymore. We would love to go everywhere but sometimes distance gets in the way. We miss sangat a lot. We have never met such humble human beings like we do meet in sangat. To put in short, it is our life now and we hope Guru-jee will always keep us under his ‘chattar’. We love him with all our heart.

A Humble Kiram (Worm)

K Kaur


S Singh – 2002 (aged 14)

“The fear of death and rebirth is removed by performing loving devotional service to the Lord of the World.”   SGGS 45.

When I first met Guru ji I had no bhagti or any knowledge of God what so ever. Since I’ve been going to Guru Ji’s sangat I’ve experienced many fantastic religious things. At first I couldn’t see anything in meditation but when Guru ji gave me his blessings with his help I started to see him with religious figures like Guru Nanak and God. The list below will show you what I have experienced since I met Guru Ji.                                                                                       


  • Saw the construction of Sundar Nagari (Baba Ji’s astral town within Sach Khand) and destruction of towns owned by long gone saints.


  • Baba Nanak Ji gave me sacred food in meditation and I could actually smell it’s scent.


  • Saw Baba Nanak ji with open eyes


  • Demi-gods and goddesses (Devi-devtas) used to touch me and I used to get frightened but Baba Ji stopped them


  • Was able to listen to parallel worlds


  • Could hear kirtan at some nights


  • Baba Ji gave me his darshan in dreams many times


  • Saw the unknown history of Guru Nanak dev ji            


  • When my fish died baba ji gave it the gift of mukti    


  • Baba Nanak ji offered me money but I refused because Baba ji says never take money from anyone (even the Gurus) because it’s a test


  • I started to pray because Baba Ji told me "if you don’t pray you can become a cow in your next birth."


  • Baba ji made my 3rd eye open


  • In Sundar Nagari a Bibi ji was the first one to talk to me


  • Guru ji let me put the nishan sahib (flag) for the Gurdwara just outside of sundar nagari   


  • Saw Baba Ji and Guru Nanak ji, they let me wash their feet


  • Once Baba ji gave me so much amrit I almost froze       


  • Guru Nanak gave me food and milk  (these represent they virtues of Truth , Contentment and Contemplation as they are placed on a dish and served to the divine soul…Thaal vich thin vastoo paaio , sat santokh vicharo….guru Arjun Dev ji).                                                


  • Guru Nanak ji did dandauth to God in me in a dream                                       


  • A lady came naked and she said she was my past mom, Baba ji gave her mukti


  • Someone tried to steal my Amrit, but Baba ji and God stopped her and gave her eternity in hell                           


  • Saw God do dandauth to Himself in Baba ji                                        


  • Many evil things tried to attack me so baba ji gave me a army of saints


  • Fought against evil with Guru Gobind Singh ji and Guru Hargobind ji


  • Baba ji gave me a spiritual horse and I named it Pyara – Love 


  • Friend’s dog was crying when I walked by it when I went close to it stopped crying god told me that it was my past brother.


  • Guru Nanak came in my dreams and told me to pray more


  • Baba Ji ji gave me a sooraj (spiritual sun placed in the heart centre to burn all negativity)                                                                                       


  • In meditation I traveled to the sun and prayed                              




These are all the spiritual experiences that Baba ji blessed me with.  I couldn’t do any of this without Baba ji.  Only true saints like Baba Ji could do all of this.

Baba ji did many things in front of sangat to show them the truth.

Once Baba ji found out how many incomplete saints there were just in the Sikh religion. Over 98% of them infact. Baba ji is so pure that he broke so many superstitions and belief in the Sikh religion like eating meat and cutting hair.  Baba ji says you could eat meat but don’t crave it and don’t die for it.

Once I saw all the Gurus respecting Baba ji.  Baba Ji stands number 1 in the whole universe in bhagti.  Baba Ji’s sangat is spiritually so high that he removed their religious superstitions in outside uniform and ritual readings.

Since the 330 Million devi-devtas(gods-godesses) were not pure (getting themselves worshipped and fulfilling peoples desires hence keeping them trapped),  Baba ji took everything from them and gave it back to God.  There are so many games of love that God and His lover play together and it is a pleasure to be shown them.