Jesus in Baba Ji’s Sangat 2002


Guru Pyare Jee,

We are not above anything, what to talk of Jesus Christ, we are just the charan dhool of the entire creation. It is good that you have surrendered to Jesus Christ. We hope Jesus Christ gets an internal contact with you and your spiritual dreams are realized. We have no such desiire for anybody come to surrender to us. Everyones destiny is different and takes its own course. There is nothing that we can do to help you or anybody for that matter. It is all Gurparsaad and Gurkirpa of the infinite divine power that makes things happen. So please continue to follow your Guru and hopefully you will achieve whatever you want to.

Whatever Jesus Christ has said is a divine truth, our head will always and forever ramain under the pious dust of His pious feet. There is no doubt that He was a Puran Sant a Puran Braham Gyani a Satguru a Puran Khalsa in terms of Gurbani’s Puran Braham Gyan Puran Tatt Gyan. Please continue to follow His teachngs and words, we are confident if you do what Jesus says and follow His commandments in the real life – daily life then you are bound to succeed. Doing what he said is the key to success, and not just reading the Bible. If you do what He tells you to do then nothing can stop you from achieving the Almighty. David Williamson and his wife Sherry used to meditate with us in our Satsangat Jee. His wife started coming in the Satsangat with a friend and she went into Smaadhee instantanously. Then one day David came in to examine what is going on in our Satsangat Jee, the moment Dhan Dhan Baba Ji came in to the room and touched David’s head, he started dancing right away and went in to Samaadhee right away. All his questions disappeared right away and He was blessed with the Gurparsaad instantaneopusly. David used to have very frequent visions of Jesus Christ, mother Marry and other Saints. Once Jesus appeared before David with the throne of thorns on his head and David wanted to take the throne away as he saw Jesus was bleeding due to this thron. But Jesus stopped him from doing so and told him that please don’t do so, this is the will of God and the will of God has to prevail. So David was taken aback and could not take the throne away from the head of Jesus Christ.
Thanks for your prayers for us to Jesus Christ, we do need blessings from all the Sants, Bhagats, Braham Gyanis, Avtaars, and Satgurus. We appreciate your messages. God bless you.
Dassan Dass