Roma Ji’s Diary 2000-05 : Meeting Baba Ji



My Spiritual Journey Started when I met Baba ji in year 2000. I clearly remember the date and time, It was Sept 15, 2000. This day was the turning point in my life. Before sept. 2000 I was just like any other person: I would do Ninem everyday, listen to shabad kirtan,  and do Akhand path myself once a year. However, I always felt there was no spiritual attainment and peace of mind.


In those days, I remember kids used to get together for Punjabi class. Uncle ji who used to teach kids Punjabi and shabad Kirtan would sit with us after class sometimes and we would discuss gurbani and other related subjects. During, one of our conversation I expressed my feelings about Nitnem and other religious rituals. After listening to me, he advised me to do Nitnem during Amritvela. I started doing Nitnem around Amritvela. Sometimes I would get up in the morning around 2:30 and recite the whole Nitnem, the peace and quietness of the time was great but, even during amritvela there was no escape from uninterrupted ongoing thoughts.


Few days later when I met uncleji at Punjabi class he asked me, how was the Nitnem progressing? I told him how I felt about it. At that point, uncle ji invited me to his house to meet this great brahmgyani (Baba Ji) and that was the day my life changed and the Gurprasadi Khed (arrangement of meeting with great saint by Parbrahm Parmeshwar) took place.



Now after doing Baba ji’s Sangat for more than two years .I realize why I could not concentrate and felt no spiritual attainment. Because of the five vices (kaam, Krodh. Lobh, Moh and Ahankaar) These five vices would always divert my mind and would not let me concentrate. Baba ji advised me to read Guru Granth Sahib Ji carefully may be just one line a day ,understand it, and then apply it in your everyday life. Baba ji also told me when I start applying the gyan in Guru Granth Sahib Ji in my daily life the five vices will slowly vanish and I will become a sachiara.


Being a sachiara is the key point in the gurprasadi khed. To unite with the Almighty You have to be sachiara and humble. Always consider yourself lowest of the lowest and break the wall of five vices.
Now the question arises how do you break the wall of five vices.



Following are some of my spiritual experiences when I was blessed with Gurparsadi Naam by baba ji:


Eyes- God Put light(Puran Parkash) into them to see him present in all:


The eyes must see God present in all living beings and at all places. The world is the image of God . the entire humanity is a big family of God


Puran Parkash:  I  see and enjoy puran  prakash (Divine Light) most of the time . I cannot describe the peace and contentment  in words this divine light brings you. Puran parkash resides Where the satnaam boundary finishes.light of  God is Present in all ; but this fact becomes known to the true devotee with the kindness of True Guru.


Ajaapa jaap: The continous automatic ongoing Simran inside the hirda. It feels like some kind of motor is running inside me.


Gur Fateh


This write-up is made possible by the blessings of the Almighty and Puran Satguru.


A Humble Servant


Roma Ji


UK Sangats first meeting with Roma Ji – July 2003


From: Harjit


Satnaam satnaam satnaam ji waheguru waheguru waheguru ji


Dhan Dhan Haramaa meet  Dhan Dhan Parbrahm Parmesar


Dhan Dhan Das Patshiaahian and all bhgatas and gurmukhs and everyone who
has remember Akal Purakh even once.     Dhan Dhan Sant Baba Ji and Sangat Ji


Santeh charan hamaro matha, nain daras, tan dhoor paro.
May my forehead rest at the feet of the Saints,
my my eyes have their blessed vision, may my body be covered with their dust…Gurbani



har keeaa kathhaa kehaaneeaa gur meeth sunaaeeaa ||
balihaaree gur aapanae gur ko bal jaaeeaa ||1||
aae mil gurasikh aae mil thoo maerae guroo kae piaarae || rehaao ||


Tilang, Fourth Mehl:
The Guru, my friend, has told me the stories and the sermon of the Lord.
I am a sacrifice to my Guru; to the Guru, I am a sacrifice. ||1||
Come, join with me, O Sikh of the Guru, come and join with me. You are my
Guru’s Beloved. ||Pause||



Yesterday we were blessed to have sant of Bibi Roma Ji and her brother and children.   There was a lot of pyar between gursikhs.   We talked about our experiences and backgrounds and meeting with Baba Ji.   Roma Ji said she used to do nitnem and kirtan but when she went into baba ji’s sangat his one look sent her into vairag and she cried tears of separation.  Her brother Jaspal Singh ji told about his path to contentment.
Born in Kabul , his father used to get them up early to do nitnem.  They had sangat of all famouse gurmukhs and sants, any and every preacher came and stayed with them.  At his wedding there were famous Sikhs like  Sant Kartar Singh ji bhindrawale,  Prof Satnam Singh. 


He spent ten years living in Amritsar and used to get up at 3am to go to darbar sahib seva.  He spent years with Prfessor Darshan Singh ji and Sant Singh Maskin.   He travelled around the world with his business and even spent 8 years with Osho (Rajneesh) in the 80s in Puna.  They even set up Oshos centre in Delhi.  In 1991 he had a bad car accident in which the police coldn’t believe he had survived.  After that he was hospitilized for about a year and his business went bankrupt, he lost his house in Germany.    He spent two years with Baba Virsa Singh ji too ,  who he said had the powers of Baba Sri chand and emphsised doing 7 Jaap Sahibs a day.  When they saw J and N it reminded them of their own brother and wife who were AKJ but died years earlier.  One from haemorrage and the husband 8 months later in a car crash.


I asked him, why did you have so much sangat of different sants etc, why not stick to one sant?  He said he never got satisfaction, “Tript”.  He said  a lot of the people he had met where ultimately after money including Osho.  But now he was satisfied.  He said he couldn’t describe the happiness he was feeling inside- there were no words for it.   He said he spent lots of time on the phone with Baba Ji.


Bibi Roma Ji phoned Baba ji and passed the phone  around, Baba ji was highly charged and told each of us different things.  Baba ji said to me that Maha Kal (Great Darkness) was upon us, and we had to fight for the Light.  That sangat in gurdwaras were screaming out in pain and that we need to teach what the real nimratha (humility) was.  That he spoke the Truth but it was too pure for them.  He said, “Say Satnaam, send Satnaam to
the face of Akal Purakh , send it out into the Universe, do satnaam satnaam
satnaam satnaam.  Sadaa sukhee raha sadaa sukhee raho sadaa sukhee raho – Stay in Eternal Peace, Eternal Peace, Eternal Peace.”


It was very powerful conversation.  In the background Bibi Roma ji’s hand raised up  like the pictures of Guru Nanak Maharaj ji and she was looking at us squinting her eyes.   She chanted Satnaam, sometime slowly, sometimes quickly, somtimes singing, sometimes SAT SAT in high pitch.  She spun her finger around her head and sent energy towards the sangat to different people.    Roma Ji moved around the room and blessed everyone
rubbing N’s spine vigorously and then different parts of her head (back, top, and forhead) to open up the energy channels.   With Guru ji’s kirpa I closed my eyes and prayed not to have any negative thoughts towards Roma ji as it was very strange to see this for the first time in my life, then I felt she was Guru Nanak Dev ji himself blessing us.    I felt as if Baba Nanak ji had entered a small hut in a forest and was blessing the humble family inside, singing Satnaam, Satnaam ji. Roma ji pressed my head front and back and vigorously rubbed my forehead to open up the third eye.  We chanted satnaam after her and smiled with the blessings.  She also rubbed my right foot vigoruously.  We felt
energy all around our back and tried to be humble and happy like a flower.


Her brother Jaspal Singh ji was on the phone to Baba ji saying this was Sach Khand and that Baba ji had really been too kind with his blessings.


Afterwards N Ji sked why Roma ji squinted.  Roma Ji replied that the divine light was too bright, almost too unbearable to keep her eyes open.   She said that she saw light on J and on N and presently was seeing it all over me.   She said that Baba ji was himself in the room in spirit form and did everything.  She also said that something happens in her hirda and she focuses oon satnaam in the hirda and she goes into samadhi and asans and doesn’t really know what is happening after that.  


It was quite amazing.  She said that Baba ji was to kind, amrit was showering down , showering down all thanks to Baba Ji.  Her brother Jaspal Singh ji quoted bani,
‘gather and spend this wealth, it doesn’t run out – lakmee thot na aavaaee jai karach karandhaa’  ..Guru Arjun Dev Ji.


N ji said it was like being in the Canada sangat again.


It was amazing.


Having seen Roma ji and in my need to understand asans and what was happening, I couldn’t help thinking that there was a lot of asans I recognised from yoga lessons ..arms outstretched,  rubbing the kundalini channels  (base of spine, spine, back of head, top of head forehead).  Even  chanting SAT SAT SAT in high pitch.     Then I remembered that Bhai Gurdas Ji writes that Patanjali ji, the founder of Yoga,  was a GURMUKH.    Hence
Patanjali was fully enlightened being.  He used to receive Gods energy (Amrit) too and the asans(postions) spontaneously occurred.  What he did was document all the asans that came to him.  His writings were the basis of all physical yoga done now.  But it came out of Divine Energy of Akal Purakh  being activated wthin him.  When I saw Roma Ji , I thought she too was a natural born Yogi,  infact, she was the real divine Yogi as she had spiritual union first, postitions second.  Not the other way as is done in classes, everyone practising postions, but only the rare on experiencing divine energy.


Roma Ji ji was too kind and served us with langar and stories and humility.


aae mil gurasikh aae mil thoo maerae guroo kae piaarae || rehaao ||


And today I could feel energy on my forehead, its been along time since anyone saw light on me, but in one year of having Dassan Dass Ji’s first emails, this is so much kirpa that I thank you all with my mind body and soul that a pice of dirt like me is being made shiny and clean again.


Dhan dhan Akal Purakh ,
Dhan dhan Hamara Meet Baba Ji and Satnaam Sangat.





Reply From Sant Ji (Dassan Dass)


Guru Pyareo Jio:


Aap sabh de charna vich es kookar dee dandaut parvan karna ji; hum neechan de neech guneh gaar loonharami.


Roma Ji is a dhan dhan Sant now.  She has been authorized to give gur parsaadee naam to the sangat, so anybody who wants to take gur parsaadee naam can go to Roma Ji. You are very fortunate to have her sangat and get blessed the way you have explained is incredible. We are very pleased that you folks did her sangat and benefited from it. All your words and observations are true, this is what happens when there is true love for him and the dubidha is washed away, so dhan dhan raho, naam di kamai karo, sant bano, aap taro auron ko taro (save tourself and save others too).


Thanks a zillions to Paar Braham Parmesar and Sant Baba Ji for their kindness to shower so much Gur Parsaad on all of us.


Dassan Dass





Sant Roma ji’s most beautiful smadhi


1 Jun 04


Dandot parvan karo ji


Samadhi is truely a beautiful experience. once you taste it you want it all the time.




Your mind is clear and fresh after it. During samadhi you see lots of things.  Sometimes I saw my past lives.  Sometimes light and many other beauiful experiences.


Once I was in samdhi. I saw I am in a place similar to golden temple. Sonny ji, my brother and my pabiji are with me. I saw myself standing in a big line along with Uncle ji’s family, Sant ji and other people from the sangat. I saw Baba ji on the other end of the line dressed as King with crown on his head and eyeliner in his eyes and earings in his ears.  Baba ji blessed everyone in line putting his hand on everyone’s forehead and doing satnaam jaap with everyone.  He blessed sonny ji and gave both of us to drink something we both had it.after this he told me to go and explore the place.


I asked Sonny ji to come along with me.  He said " he is tired as his legs are hurting and he will wait here  under the tree."


I went up to ssee what was there.  I looked at the clouds. it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. There was kirtan going on. I dont know where it was coming from but it was in the entire atmosphere. Then I turned around and saw Baba ji. Baba ji asked me to come and sit next to him and listen to the kirtan. While I was listening iput my head on Baba ji shoulder and went into “sunn samadhi”  – a smadhi within my smadhi.  This is one of my favoruite visions.  Everything was so beautiful. the kirtan was the most
beautiful one.  It was echoing in the entire atmosphere.


Baba ji you are truely dhan dhan.  You did so much kirpa on a fool like me.


your charan kamal reside in my hirda forever.


thank you all


Neecha di neech


Roma Ji



5 May 04

satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam satnaam sada sada satnaam

dandout parvan karo ji

I went to drop our daughter to school. A hindu punjabi friend of mine met me at school and insisted to come to her house for a cup of tea. Her son happens to be in the same class with our daughter.   While she was making tea she looked at me.  She said "you look sad.  I have never seen you like this." She gave me a hug.  While she was hugging I started “Satnaam” simran slowly.  When we finished she had tears in her eyes and she said "while you were doing satnaam simran I kept saying JAI MATA DI and then I did’nt realise and was doing satnaam simran too.”


I explained to her, “no matter what you call him his original name is SAT.” I said "that’s why people say RAM NAAM SATYA HAI OR SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDERAM.”   She said "She felt amrit inside."

Sant ji said to me once, "Fighting with five thieves is a continuous process."   Like one of the video games kids play where they beat one monster and two more crop up.  You have to be so attenive to press the button at the right time till you beat all the levels and go to a new game.  The button in our case is Truth, love and compassion. Sant ji  said, “Ask for forgivness every five minutes by saying  ‘HUM KAMI KRODHI LOBI MOHI AHANKARI TU SANU BAKSH DE.’ "   It works very well. It keeps your guards on all the time.

We want to have control over mind and body needs.   For instance if we are dieting and are hungry and we have this tempting dish in front of us, we should be able to say to our body YOU WILL HAVE TO DO WITHOUT IT TODAY.   And to be completely out of our mind with both closed and open eyes.  Be in no emotions mode.  We want to work really hard on it and want Akal Purakh and Guru to help and the sangat to pray for us so that we can do it successfully all the time.

So next time when somebody says "Hey! are you out of your mind" dont feel bad take it as a compliment. It is the most beautiful thing to happen to someone.

neecha di neech


Roma ji



6 May 04


satnaam,satnaam,satnaam,satnaam,satnaam,satnaam,sada sada satnaam ji

dandout at sangat’s feet always

Yesterday we talked with our brother Jaspal ji in India. Recently he went through a serious heart attack.  He was in intensive care and was opearted and is now back home recovering with guru’s kirpa. I asked him how’s he doing and he said he is fine.  He said he has no complaints with God or anyone. He accepts his hukam and take everyday as it comes.   I also talked to Pabi Ji (Jaspal ji’s wife) she is really amazing.  She said had it been few months back she would have panicked but with naam in her heart she didn’t feel a thing and though everyone is really worried and panicked. She is calm and quiet.and no tensions bother her anymore.

After we put the phone down I kept thinking about what jaspal ji said "HUKAM".   We read guru granth and we encounter the word so many times.  People will tell you to stay in hukam and you go to saints who will tell you to be in hukam.   But you will only come to understand what it really is when you have a true guru like Baba ji with pure light in him.  It is then you start to understand what Guru Granh Sahib ji means when it talks about hukam. And then you will read and cry because now you know what it is. and then you will not ask for anything accept naam, because everything else is meaningless.

And then also we judge those saints who make us understand what hukam is.   


Baba ji please forgive us you are ever so kind .


let your charan kamal always reside in my hirda.


neecha di neech


Roma ji


25 May 04



dandout parvan karo ji

During samadhi one goes through different asans and they all have meaning. You are expressing Akal Purakh through your hands.  There is “ik onkar asan” when your index finger goes above your head and many ohers.  Sometime you get the strong urge to clap your hands or spin your index finger.

I remember once during meditation I started clapping and Baba Ji said " look! he only needs a Body (deh) to express he is here. He is not in heaven he is right here among us." 

Baba Ji also said "When he is happy with what his bhagat is saying or feeling
he expresses himself by clapping through bhagat’s body.”

Baba Ji you are dhan dhan
sat sangat is dhan dhan
the entire universe is dhan dhan

please forgive any mistakes

neecha di neech

p.s. dassan dass ji once advised to eradicate completely (I,me , mine) from our speech as this helps to kill ego but sometimes translating english ino punjabi and vice versa does not make sense while writing. so dear sat sangat ji please forgive when we write i ,me ,mine . everything is his



30 Jun 04


God’s love is a mystery


dhan dhan parbrahm parmeshwar ji
dhan dhan gur parmeshwar ji


sari sat sangat de charna vich dandout ji


last night before going to sleep was doing simran when this thought came to the mind. the thought- that God’s love is a mystery. the more you get closer to him there is a more for you to know about him. he is full of surprises and everytime you go near him there is something completely new. when you are on bhaghti marg you can’t say you dont know him because you do. but to claim you know him completely is declaring yourself as the biggest fool.




bhul chuk maaf ji


kot brahmand de charan mere sir upar
neecha di neech


Roma Ji




30 Jun 04


aad sach jugad sach
hai bi sach nanak hosi bhi sach


sat sat sat sat sada hi sat


aap ji de charna vich dandout parvan karna ji


regarding kundalini:


this is our own personal experience and we still dont know what it was. It was May 2000  pabiji called us from india to go visit this Sant Bibi ji in L.A.  We called her her name is Sant Bibi Santosh Kaur ji. i dont know if any of you know her she visits london very often. anyways we went to see her she said you need to listen to guru granth sahib ji paath for a week . i agreed and everyday went to this lady’s house where she was staying. afer the end of the week when paath was over i went to my in-laws who are also in LA. now this is strange we were sleeping in our room and kind of dreaming about kirtan at the sangat wheni felt this strong jolt, shaking whatever . i was very scared so was eveyone else.  Well after that we came back to detroit.   


now this started happening more and more. there were intense vibrations in our  hands and legs and sudden jolts followd by very fast heart beat. It started happening day and night.  I was very scared and felt we are going to die or we have some very serious health problem. we were scared of this jolts so much that i could no sit in my own house and would stand outside our house. we have briefly mentioned this to dassan dass ji but not so much in detail.nobody could understand what we were going through. we went to doctor to see what was going on.  Everybody was worried so we decided we want to got india and visit this sant ji and ask her what is going on?


We went to India, she has her own Gurdwara in Hapur in New Delhi.  She asked us
to stay in the gurdwara for a week and listen to the path.  Now I told my parents and pabiji that i am not going to go through this again. but so that we dont hurt anyone’s feelings  i agreed. pabiji agreed to stay wih us in the gurdwara for a in the gurudwara was this sant ji .  His name is Nirmal Singh.  He had the same shine in his eyes that Baba Ji has. he has own style of doing kirtan.  He does kirtan in a very dim light and his voice is the sweetest.  The first night we listened to the sant ji’s kirtan we could not open our eyes. We felt  very peaceul inside.  Everything stopped at this moment, shaking ,vibrations inside it was quite.  After the kirtan when we went back to our room and at night we felt the same shaking of the body and vibrations in hands and feet  followed by very fast heart beat.  We were really miserable so much so that one day early in the morning wile doing seva in the gurdwara we felt our head is frozen.  We
started crying and as ready to leave the Gurdwara.


Pabi ji talked to Sant Bibi Santosh Kaur ji.  Now the Gurdwara has bhora sahib (underground room) where Sant Isher Singh ji used to do his meditation.  Forgot to mention she was sevak of Sant Isher Singh ji  and he blessed her to continue doing the seva of people after him.  So she advised us to go and sit in the bhora sahib and
meditate.  Now in bhora sahib we felt very peaceful even though the whole body
was shaking and heart was beating vey fast. we cried and we cried here .


After staying in India for few more weeks we came back home in US.  Now while in
the plane we went to sleep and we again felt a big jolt.  Now there was this lady sitting next to us.  She asked us if we were feeling sick.  We said yes.  She offered to do reiki on us since she knew Reiki.  It was nice but there was no end of vibrations and shaking.  We were very sad when we came back because we thought we are back to square one.


Now this shaking of the body followed by very fast heart beat lasted for more than four months.  We told ourself may be now this is for life and prayed to God
to show me the way .  During  this time one day Uncle ji called me and during our
conversation I expressed my feelings about wanting to live under the guidance of a Sant.  I do not remember what the conversation was more than that, but after few days Uncle ji called me and asked me if I could come to their place to see Baba ji.  I agreed .  When I met Baba ji i felt so peaceful inside like everything was absolutely quiet inside.


But, we still dont know what that shaking was all about.  It is still a mystery for us.


neecha di neech
Roma Ji





Ik Oankaar Satnaam Satgur Parsaad


Sat Sangat Ji:


Kottan Kot Dandaut Parvaan Karna Ji


We have seen the jolts happening to several people in our Sangat as well, we know at least four of them they used to experience jolts  while sitting in Sangat, one of them while sitting close to us used  to get instantaneous jolts when we would touch his spine area, the
other two used to get jolts just by sitting in the Sangat. What we think and understand is that a sudden rise of spiritual energy is the reason for these jolts. This does happen to us at times (very often)  when we are sitting in meditation or just sitting & listening to Gurbani when we feel so much Amrit flowing through the body which sometimes becomes unbearable and causes the legs or arms to twist (not Smadhi Assan) and then sometimes we end up disturbing the  concentration purposely to ease out a little bit. Some of you might also be having similar experiences, but it seems that there is nothing wrong with these jolts as long as they are bearable physically, there is nothing to be scared about them.


Again with our experience it seems like the reason for these jolts is the sudden and
rapid rise of cosmic energy in the body. We are also aware of some people when given an overdose of Amrit start to feel nausea and some of them throw up as well, this has happened in our Sangat as well. So please don’t be scared and concentrate on your deep meditation and enjoy the Amrit.


Dassan Dass




sat sat sada sat sat satnaam


Dassan Dass ji, you know what was even more strange? When we asked sant bibi santosh kaur ji what it was, she just said it is nothing and just continue doing your paath(ritaul reading).  I guess without proper guidance and knowledge you feel scared and lost. and even more some sants even when they have all the gyan they dont tell you everything.  They don’t give you the real gyan.  Baba ji is dhan dhan satguru.  


When once we briefly mentioned about the jolts in th sangat, he said he never got scared of them and that it is just a bio-chemical energy.  Since then it has never bothered us either!  We think we were putting the fear in us unnecessarily.


thanks a lot


aap ji de charna vich dandout


neecha di neech


Roma Ji



27 Jan 05




ik onkaar satnaam


while meditating in the morning. we had this dream. we see a fast flowing river. with big rocks in it . Baba Ji is standing in the middle of the river.  And there is God’s abode on the other side. we see lot of sangat with us.  Baba ji is giving us his hand to start form the other side.  He is telling each one of us to make a line. Baba Ji is saying not to look down as it is going to scare us.  He asked us to look at him and we did and he helped us come to middle of the river.  Now Baba Ji said keep on walking till you reach the end.  There
are lots of scary noises coming from the river,  but we are trying to keep on moving.  And Baba Ji did that with each one of us .  We didn’t see what happened really because our son came into the room and asked us to wake up. So we didn’t see what actually happened.  But, after the dream we kept thinking that is so true. Baba Ji is helping us each to cross this bhavsagar.   We have to earn his words and we have to do it.


There will be some portion to the journey where we are going to be really alone.  Even
the sangat is not going to be there.  We have to walk alone but you have the security that your satguru is right behind you.  You really have two choices.  Either you can get scared by the scary noises from the river or have the assurity that your satguru is behind you. Mind is going to really play on you but dont let the fear rule you.  Always remember satguru who is himself Nirankaar is with you. you just have to have faith that he is going to hold your hand when vices attack you.


No matter how bad the vices are,  Truth is going to save you in the end.


satnaam sada satnaam
Neecha di neech
Roma Ji


20 Apr 05


I am just a soul
i am not a sister
not a mother
not a daugther
not a wife
i am just a soul


Soul! which soul?
soul in search of supreme soul
supreme soul is my true love
What is true love?
true love is complete silence.
true love is ever flowing
true love is not a word ,not a sound
just complete silence
then why label love?
true love is only felt
true love is beyond description.
true love is amrit
true love is seva
true love is without desires
true love is not possesive
true love is naam




what is life?
life is a dream
life is a fantasy
life is a white lie
death is a ultimate reality
death is the real truth
i am searching for truth
iam just a soul


21 Mar 05




Satnaam ji
Hi Roma ji, 


did u meet the UK sangat (J &N, R &S) that came to visit Baba Ji…how was it?




dust of your feet




satnaam  sada satnaam ji


it was great. The entire uk sangat is dhan dhan. We missed you and N ji even though she was here we did not have her darshan as were not well the day I visited so she did not come. 


We went to see Baba Ji and sangat around 11:30 as usual we had  lot of questions for him but completely forgot evrything when we met Baba Ji.  Baba Ji said "here meet everyone" .  J ji remind me so much of my cousin brother.  I was very close with him he is no more in this illusionary world.  I said Baba Ji "he looks so much like my bother" Baba Ji said "he is your brother".


I felt like crying.  We had langar and talked about nothing except naam. Did not feel like saying anything for good one hour after that.   Felt lot of light coming from S ji.
Baba Ji  blessed us and sangat as usual. Baba Ji introduced us to R ji.  We didn’t know he is J’s elder brother.  It was really nice to meet him. 
After an hour we realised we have questions for Baba Ji.  We have few family members and friends in pain. thought if we can help them some way. Baba Ji said  give them naam and that’s what we did when we came back.


Baba Ji talked about helping others. He said, "when you help someone just do it
and forget about it."


Meaning do neki (good deeds) and throw it in the well.  Take it out of your mind you helped someone.  You did nothing,  God did everything through you.


Baba Ji decided to leave around 3pm and we wanted to have more time with him. I really miss Baba Ji sangat sessions.


That is all in brief.



sada sukhee raho ji
satnaam sada satnaam ji
Roma Ji


13 jun 05


the prayer for today and always should be sarbat da palla – goodwill to all.

And ask God to forgive and choose to forgive others and remove whatever bitterness may be in our heart and fill the empty spaces in our heart with his love.

Everybody is better than us. we pray for the entire universe to be full of his love.  Our dandauth to entire universe.  We are neech (lowest) and always will be.

love always
neecha di neech



23 Jun 05


satnaam sada satnaam ji

aap je de charna wich sada hee dandout ji

few years back we asked Baba Ji  a question and the answer we got Baba Ji had a deep impact on us and his words are in our heart since then our question was how to deal with people who constantly hurt you?

Baba Ji said "Roma, become water" we kept quiet. Baba Ji said, "Have you ever seen
someone throwing a stone in the water, what happens?  There is a splash, the.rock
sinks but the water continues to flow.”

It is very true if you follow this you will never be unhappy.  It is very hard to be silent.  It is very easy to break something but takes a lot of effort to build something. in every sphere of your life.   Humility will make you win.

We all know every thing is under God’s hukam.   We all know that.right!  But when
it becomes your own wisdom, then you will laugh at everything.   Then you see that all of  the people you interact with, all of your joys and sorrows, infact, everything is prewriiten.


God is the director and we are all actors.  Once you start to see this everything will seem fake.  You will know you have a higher purpose in life.

To put an end to your sorrows there is a simple rule.  First, accept all of your wrong doings in past lives and present life.  Give up ego.  Very easy to do by following this method.  We learnt from Dassan Dass Ji to burn your body in meditation.



Your heart will burn but all the negativity will be out.

Do not hurt anyone’s feelings and if somebody hurts you.  Treat them with love and compassion.  Wash their feet in your meditation.  You will see things will turn around.  It happened to us lot of times.    You have  to put an end to the cycle of someone hurting you and you hurting them in return.

Be content with what you have.   


Remember God knows what is best for us. 


Put an end to deires. Just believe that what we dont have is not good for us anyway and what we have just enjoy that.  Live in the moment.  Flow in the moment.


satnaam sada satnaam ji

neecha di neech


Roma Ji