Gur Manter

Sat Naam.  Also called Puran Gur Mant.  This is different from the Guru Manter which is Vahiguru – See Guru Mantra. Read:  Vahiguru Manter, Gur Manter, Guru Manter and Gur Shabad.  

Guru Avatar

The Guru Sahibans were Guru Avtars and only calling them Guru is undermining them, as they were Avtars of Akal Purakh. They were themselves Nirankaar on this Earth and we all are very fortunate to be a part of their … Read More


The person or the entity who can enlighten us from inside and take the darkness away.

GurParsaadi Naam

Naam given to us with the blessing of the God-Guru (GurParsaad).   The GurParsaad of Naam, GurParsaadi Naam,  is the basis and foundation of the entire creation.  The entire creation is from this origin.  Therefore, there is only one infinite divine … Read More

GurParsaadi Khel

This Game of GurParsaad.  This starts with the planting of Naam into our mind by the Sadh.  The Sadh is such a Sant who has become absorbed in Akal Purakh Himself and has obtained His blessings to give GurParsaadi Naam … Read More


1) The Eternal blessings and Eternal grace of Akal Purakh.  GurParsaad is the key to spiritual success.  GurParsaad is the divine super power of the highest order.  It is the Infinite Divine Power that makes our spiritual progress possible.  There … Read More


The person who has surrendered completely to the Gur and Guru, who has given everything to the Gur and Guru and dedicated Himself to the service of the Gur and Guru.  The person who receives Naam, absorbs this GurParsaad, does … Read More