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12. Thankyou Note

Sep 7th, 2010:   Thankyou note to SATNAAM in the form of dhan dhan Preeto (Harjit) ji who united us with our SAT Paarbraham parmeshwar SATGURU ji.   Ek OanKaar SatNaam Satgur Parsaad,   Our dearest Satnaam Harjit ji, divine … Read More

6. Blossoming of the Hirda

Jan 22nd 2007 :   Blossoming of the Hirda kamal and enligtening of the hirda with Param Jyot   (Dassan Dass ji’s responses are inline in the email capitals)   IK OANKAAR SAT NAAM SATGUR PARSAAD GURU PYARE OM JI: KOTTAN KOT … Read More