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SK dealing with fear

14 Dec 05 (Dassan Das ji’s reply is in italics) Dear Dassan Das ji, I have been reading all your digests and its given me lots of hope to keep going with simran as much as I can all day,and when i’m … Read More

M’s heartfelt cry for Truth

28/07/04 I’m in search for so many things, meaning spiritual fruits, but where to begin I don’t know? My searching thoughts my aspiring feelings soar high like a restless bird.Forgetting everything else seeking the anhad shabad I have still not … Read More

Spiritual Father and Daughter

The following inspiring coversations are between DASSAN DASS Ji in capitals and D Ji.  It shows how her faith and full trust has no started bearing spritual fruits. The conversations took place in Nov 07.   — D JI:  PLEASE SEND … Read More

A Thirsty Soul

satnaam satguru satsangat – dandauth bandhana  Dear Sat Sangat Ji, we a really very blessed to have another thirsty soul with us.  His name is K and has been blessed with Gurprasadi Naam earlier today. Please welcome him, I hope he doesnot mind, … Read More

Chatting With My Maker

Ik Oankar Satnaam Gurprasad|| (SGGS 81) This is an absolutely incredible piece ofwriting which we are sharingwith you. It was written by a humble soul with God’s grace thatallowed him to connect with the inner voice, the voice of God … Read More

Love and blessings to SW

FROM HARJIT:  Satnaam ji – dandauth bandhana satsangat ji the following article is from dearest SW Ji, she works with TS ji in Rajastan, India.  She was blessed by Dassan Dass ji a while back and Baba ji said that one … Read More