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Seva At Gurdwara

Humbleness and humility are very powerful divine weapons to kill our Haumai.  Death of Haumai brings Jivan Mukti to us.  We all as human beings are very fortunate to be blessed with the divine power to exercise this divine quality … Read More

Why Does God Punish Me?

People frequently start complaining when things go wrong for them.  When they are in trouble they  start complaining.  Whenever they are in pain and sorrow they go into the mode of complaining.  This complaining is to God.  They ask, “why … Read More

Stop Doing Fraud

When this Infinite Divine Power is inside us and is keeping us operating, when this Infinite Divine Power is present everywhere, then who are you deceiving or cheating or being fraudulent with?  When you  cheat, deceive or do any kind … Read More

Bringing Up Children

We have been born in this human life with the divine Jyot inside us and this divine Jyot is the Infinite Divine Power.  Our body is being run by this Jyot and this Jyot has been placed by God Himself … Read More